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Toddler Curriculum: age 1

Introduction to

  • shapes
  • colors
  • size (big, small)
  • alphabet
  • numbers 1-5

Social Skills

  • sharing
  • taking turns
  • communicate his/her needs
  • promote independence


Junior Curriculum: age 2-3


  • shapes
  • numbers 1-10
  • colors
  • size and shapes recognition

Pre-writing skills

Cutting skills

Interpersonal skills

Independence skills

Gross motor skills


Pre K Curriculum: age 4

Personal information

  • full name
  • age
  • birthdate
  • home address
  • telephone number


  • alphabet names and sounds
  • recognize, spell, write first name
  • hold pencil, crayon, marker correctly
  • draw pictures and retell stories


  • numbers 1-10
  • counting 1-100
  • shapes
  • order by size
  • color and color names
  • same and different
  • matching: symbols, shapes, patterns

Gross Motor Skills

  • jump with two feet and on each foot
  • throw, catch, bounce, kick a large ball
  • balance on each foot


  • body parts: name and location
  • five senses
  • observe plants and growth
  • weather and seasons
  • animals and insects

Social skills

  • follow directions
  • complete tasks, work neatly, use time well
  • sharing
  • participate in group activities
  • follow routines

Music and Movement

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